Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater

Recipes and Ruminations of a Freelance Eater


I was talking to my sister’s friend the other day (hi Liz). She’s an apprentice for a local and very reputable bakery/bistro in the city.

She was telling me how she instigated a taste and palette educational at her work. It came about because she was frustrated that her taste or palette did not match that of her boss, whose standards she is working to uphold on a daily basis.

So she, and the staff, encouraged by the boss often bring interesting products and bakery items in to work. They share, taste and evaluate.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Tax deductible, ‘all-in-the-name-of education’ baked goods? At work?

When I saw her last she had an assortment of goodies from a shop called Sweetness, The Patisserie run by US born Gena Karpf.

Pate De Fruits @ Sweetness

On the table in front of me she gently placed hand made mallows, florentines, spicy pecans and English toffee.

It was just all too much.

After finding out just how close this place was to my home,  I couldn’t help but wonder, should I make my own visit?

In the spirit of adventure and education, should I take a trip to this heavenly place?

As you can see, I did.

I went in the spirit of degustation, education and luxuriation.

I spent a good ten minutes browsing around the small shop front, that comes off a large, open plan kitchen. I tried the samples on offer of sour jellies, chocolate covered caramels, coconut encrusted mallows and cookies of the shortest variety and I was delighted. Such an unusual array and variety. Colourful and delicious. Perfect really.

I decided on a hazelnut macaroon, a packet of assorted and tiny biscuits and two brownies (for the boys).

I wanted to write about this and share it with you all because I thought how wonderful, to have something so special, so close to my house.

I believe in supporting individuals and businesses who risk it all and really try hard to deliver something good. Not just good but excellent.

I know this isn’t much help to my international readers, but hey, you can look at my pretty picture and wish you were me.

Sweetness, The Patisserie

Again, this is not a paid post ( I wish)…this is just me, giving credit and where credit is due and sharing something nice with friends.

3 thoughts on “Sweetness”

  • thanks lara, for your last sentence dedicated to your international readers! 🙂
    i do often wish i were you hehe 🙂

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  • Sweetness sounds amazing – I’m in love with their website, too! You’re right, a little too far away for me to visit, but I adore the eye candy. 🙂

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