Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

Making life delicious, one recipe at a time.

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Elderflower cordial

Elderflower cordial

“Elder be ye Lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed ye’ll be” so says the Wiccan Rede. If you want to cut an elder you must ask permission of the Elder Mother, the spirit said to inhabit the tree, “Old girl, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when I grow into a tree.” The Elder tree has long been used for medicinal purposes throughout Europe and Asia and in times past to treat colds, flu, hayfever and arthritis. It’s been found that elderberries stimulate the immune system and some …

Sublime Steak and Cheese Sub

Sublime Steak and Cheese Sub

It’s not everyday you can make someone emotional with a sandwich. On the weekend I had some left over steak and offered to make steak sandwiches for the boys. So far, so what right? Everyone has their own take or secret to make the best steak sandwich but this was different. No trace of tomatoes or chutneys, sauces or lettuce. No questions of toasted or un-toasted bread.

The American’s have a name for this sandwich, and it’s called the Philly Cheese Steak. I only know this because I grew up watching a lot of American TV and this stuff sinks …

Bring the World to Your Kitchen

Feeding Time Blog

Britain loves curry. There’s no doubting it. But I could only list maybe two one excellent Indian meals I’ve had in the 5 years since I’ve been here; granted I do live outside of London, but that only further illustrates my point. I will however, sing the praises of my friend who makes onion bhajis when I visit that are out of this world, and who can whip up a most excellent dhal or curry in her tiny little kitchen right here in Maidenhead. When I asked her to recommend a good Indian restaurant she comes up short. Why go …

The Perfect Hummus

The Perfect Hummus

There’s not much that needs saying with this recipe. It’s hummus. Who doesn’t love hummus? But before you scoff and think about your off-the-shelf variety,  it’s not like that. Grocery store hummus is a grainy, grey goop compared to the silky, subtle flavour of the real thing. And this recipe is the real thing.

This hummus takes a little bit of effort but is worth every step and so reliable that it was featured on Food52. The recipe comes from Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi’s book Jerusalem and will elevate your snacking experience beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t …

Crumbed Pork Fillets and the Perfect Friday Wine


I met Jo Randell at one of the Cookham Media Hub events. I knew she’d been writing about wine for a local publication and a friend told me she was good at it. I don’t usually read about wine, but in her column and on her blog Perfect Friday Wine, Jo strips back all the jargon and industry talk and explains in a relatable way,  how and why certain wines are worth taking a chance on. She’s on a mission to sing the praises of lesser known brands and varieties, taking a viticulture bullet for us all so we …

Best-ever Bad-ass Toastie


Ok, so I burnt the outside a little bit. I don’t make toasted sandwiches much these days but when I do, they tend to be pretty amazing. This one even has a name, we used to call it the ‘Dolce’. We named all our sandwiches back when we had cafe, waaaaay back in the late 90s in the corporate ghetto of North Sydney. This one is called The Dolce because in classical music, when you play something ‘dolce’ you play it softly and sweetly and that is kind of what this sandwich is all about. All the softness of the …



You probably don’t know what pozole is. I didn’t until recently. In fact I’ll admit that I’m embarrassed at how little I know about Mexican cuisine – despite the fact that I love Mexican-style food so much. Note I’ve used the word ‘style’ because it’s not Mexican food that I’ve always loved, it’s really something else. Call it Tex-Mex, call it what you like but it’s a match made in heaven and sadly the closest thing we’ll get to eating Mexican food outside of Mexico. Corn chips, cheesy dips, anaemic guacamole and Old El Paso packet mixes are about as …

Cheung Fun in the summer




When I lived in Sydney dumplings were never too far away. They could be bought at an Asian grocer and cooked up at home or found in a nearby Chinese restaurant in one of the many Chinese hubs around Sydney. Since moving to the UK, London is the only place where dumplings can be found easily and in abundance. Every Chinese restaurant in China town does dim-sum – or ‘yum cha’ as we call it in Australia, and it’s during those precious daylight hours that you can find dumplings, steamed, fried or however you like it. I tried Dumplings

Best ever pancakes

I’ve been making pancakes for years and I’ve never really thought they were that great. I much preferred leaving it to the professionals at Pancakes on the Rocks or any other venue that can flip a decent batter. It was AT’s birthday yesterday and I was determined to make us the best damn pancakes this side of the equator. I researched a little and settled on a recipe that I thought looked easy enough and pinched some advice from the Pioneer Woman. And ladies and gents, I do believe I can offer you the best pancake recipe ever. ‘Best’ because …

Apple, pecan and blue cheese salad with mustard, maple dressing

In the unlikely case that you’ve bought yourself a wedge of blue cheese and have some left over in the fridge – I have a solution if you’re looking to minimise the guilt you’ll feel as you eat the remainder of the blue cheese, all by yourself. I found this recipe on the The Pioneer Woman blog.

The blue in question is the award winning Barkham Blue from a local cheese maker called Two Hoots Cheese. The farm is in a village called Barkham, near Wokingham and it is a rich yellow, creamy blue cheese with a soft, buttery …